Why Should Millennials Buy Health Insurance?

In a fast-paced and dynamic world, Millennials are being known for adapting to the latest in trends– whether it is gadgets, gizmos, bespoke clothes or accessories. Millennials are rather impulsive when it comes to making a purchase decision as they believe in living their life to the fullest.

Why Now is the Time to Buy Life Insurance

Hindsight is always 20/20. When a crisis occurs or our health declines, we wish we had purchased life insurance when we were younger. One of the few bright sides in this pandemic is that it’s causing more people to consider their financial plans and health plans...

Should I Buy Life Insurance During COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is making many of us think more about the future. So much can feel out of our control, like our careers, health, and social connections. Despite the uncertainty, there is one thing that you can control and should focus on right now. Your family’s...

What Insurance Can You Buy During the Pandemic?

The process of buying insurance was vastly different two months ago. Before this pandemic, there were aspects of insurance underwriting that required face-to-face interactions. Insurance companies are evolving daily to help service Canadians in this time of crisis,...

What is a Health Spending Account (HSA) and How Does It Work?

What Is Health Spending Account? HSA is a health plan which is planned by employees who are living in Canada. HSA is a plan for small businesses for providing health and dental benefits to their employees. We’re fortunate to live in a country that pays for much of its...

Why Your Insurance Coverage Should be Reviewed Every Year

Why insurance policy review is important? Having the right insurance in place is essential if you wish to protect your family and yourself from the financial consequences of an untimely death, disability or critical illness. The exact types and amounts of insurance...

Five Components of a Strong Financial Plan

A good financial plan considers your present situation and helps develop a road map to get you to where you want to be. It also provides a step by step process for you to follow.

November is Financial Literacy Month

Another year has gone by. Are you happy with your financial state? Are you getting ahead or are you falling behind? Would you like to know how to improve it?

The Importance of RESP’s

arents all over Canada aspire for their children to complete a post-secondary education. However, with tuition costs inflating year after year, affording that dream can seem far-fetched.